Sunday, 3 May 2009

Base problems

I had planned to crete the base of my character by painting in the different colour sections of the pattern and using pencils to darken areas and draw in cracks. I wanted to use pencil rather than paint to shade areas as I thought it might echo the sketched look of the game. However I was not happy with the result of the base, which I thought looked too flat and didn't match the rest of the work I had done on the charater.

To improve the base I decided to add texture to it by smothering it in a thin layer of polyfiller and sanding it back slightly. This gave me a natural looking stone effect and I sculpted in some of the cracks and crevasses where the different tiles met. I also decided to make the stone colour more rich and yellow, whilst toning down the turquoise colour. I think these changes make the base a lot more effective.

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