Sunday, 5 April 2009

Wheelchair Development

Previously I was going to use dark leather to make the seat of the wheelchair, however this is not in keeping with the illustration of the character, therefore I brought a leather bag from a charirty store which was the right colour and I am using this instead.

I started by padding the seat with some foam and using superglue to stick the leather to the chemiwood chair.

Once I had finished covering the chair in leather, I have used copper plated tacks to represent upholstery pins, running along the inner edge of the front face of the chair. In order to hide the seams of the leather and to make the wheelchair look more authentic I wanted to create a rim along all the outside edges using brazing rod. However it proved too difficult to bend the rod into the shape I needed for it to butt nicely without leaving gaps. Therefore I have instead used rolled out lengths of milliput to do this, which I will then sand back and paint to give a metal effect.

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